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Concept to Production Services

The Product Architex record shows we find the most
innovative, intuitive and economically efficient designs.

Product Architex provides our clients with a full service design experience from concept development to first run packaged production product. We help you turn your ideas into a product that performs.

Clients like Apple, HP, Juniper, IBM, GlaxoSmithKline and have confidence in our ability to deliver excellent design and product engineering solutions.

The Process

We begin with clearly defining your what your idea solves.

From there we do an exhaustive search of existing products, as well as various components and ergonomic form factors study. Based on our search we create a prioritized list of parameters to evaluate your concepts.

We then generate numerous mechanical solutions that solve your problem definition and select the most appropriate solution that addresses your parameters. A mechanical envelope is then created to evaluate size, shape, and proportion of your selected solution. In addition, the concept is evaluated for ergonomics usability.

A number of styling idioms are then created: uniquely attractive and communicating the design intent of your product. This process includes a color and graphics study. We evaluate our styling concepts against our parameters and select the best possible solution.

We do the detail parts and assemblies design for DVU (design validation unit) construction and evaluation. Based on our evaluation, we revise the detail parts and assemblies design for another DVU construction and evaluation. We keep repeating this step until we have a perfect the solution.

We then create tooling for production at the same time designing the POP (Point of Purchase) packaging and instruction manuals for your product. In addition, we source off the shelf production parts, and assembly services. When the tooling is finished we assemble the test parts, adjusting the tool as necessary. Once the design is perfected your product is ready to put into production.

Track Record: With almost 35 years of experience designing over 150 successful products, Product Architex can find the most innovative, intuitive, and economically efficient design solutions for your small to medium project.

Design (Re)search

  • Brainstorm Sessions
  • Trend Analysis
  • Competitive Products Study
  • Market Study
  • User Observation Feedback


  • Focused on human fit
  • Decreasing fatigue and discomfort through product design.
  • Ergonomics applied to user environment
  • Rigorous study of design options


  • Kinematics is the study of the motion of objects
  • Simulate steady-state motion
  • Evaluating motions for interference purposes
  • View animations to identify and study aesthetics

Product Design

  • Create numerous mechanical solutions
  • Evaluate size, shape & proportion of a selected solution
  • Evaluate for ergonomic usability
  • Solutions are functional, attractive, and perform as designed
  • Includes a color & graphics study

Industrial Design

Create and execute design solutions for problems of form, function, usability, physical ergonomics, sustainability, and product differentiation

Mechanical Design

  • Applies engineering, physics, engineering mathematics, and materials science principles to design, analyze, manufacture and maintain mechanical systems.
  • Analyze the acceleration and deformation of objects

Empirical Analysis

  • Observation
  • Induction to formulate hypotheses
  • Deduction
  • Testing and data collection
  • Evaluate data

2D Design

  • Create flat or two-dimensional images to represent concepts
  • Distill images to the basic essentials for clarity of presentation
  • Move from approved sketches to CAD environment
  • Critique and modify to move towards final approval


  • Product requirement documentation defines the product being produced
  • Documentation outlines the product’s purpose, features, functionalities, and behavior


  • Generate statement of how a design is made, what it is intended to do, and how it complies with product requirements
  • Product design specification is one of the elements of product lifecycle management

3D Design

  • Proof-of-concept prototype
  • Working mockups and models
  • Visual models
  • Functional mockups
  • User feedback of prototype


  • Utilize Product Architex resources for prototypes and manufacturers
  • Additionally, research and identify domestic and international manufacturers
  • Create cost analysis of production

Production Setup

  • Create tooling for production
  • Design POP (Point of Purchase) packaging and instruction manuals
  • Test parts assembly
  • Tool adjustments
  • Perfect product for production

First Article Inspection

  • Verify the accuracy of drawings
  • Ensure changes made during the prototype design
  • Verify production process in every parameter
  • Verify the manufacturer’s ability of the manufacturer to meet the needs of production